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  • Genomic Explorer
    with your whole genome data

    You can explore, get insights, and even create your own applications.

    Explore Genome Map

    This visualizes the human genome as an intuitive map and connects to the global database of genomic research. You can explore your genome all by yourself.

    Access to Knowledge

    Our science team curates thousands of academic papers​ and develops the most comprehensive database of the genetic traits based on the whole genome.

    Genome Apps

    Our API enables creators to develop variety of applications by connecting genome and knowledge database. Our developer community are developing future apps. They are coming soon!





    Explore Your Genome,
    like a Digital Map of Yourself




  • 3,000 Taits in Your Genome

    We don't provide medical traits like disease risks, but you can access major genetic traits based on your whole genome, including Physical Traits, Food and Nutrition, Sports, Personality, and Intelligence.

    Physical Traits



    Skin Pigmentation
    Morning Person
    BMI (Weight)
    Male-Pattern Baldness (AGA)
    Sleep Depth / Duration

    and more...

    Food & Nutrition

    Egg / Peanuts / Milk Allergy

    Alcohol Drinking Behavior
    Caffeine Consumption
    Bitter Taste Sensitivity

    Blue Cheese Smell Sensitivity

    Protein / Fat / Carbohydrate intake

    Red or White Wine Liking
    and more...


    Endurance Performance

    Hand Grip Strength
    and more...


    Novelty Seeking

    Social Communication
    and more...


    Educational Attainment

    Information Processing

    Childhood Intelligence

    Memory Performance

    Word Readin Ability
    and more...

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