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  • Check your genetic personality. Find out what kind of extraterrestrial creature you are!

    We are now releasing the 1st app “BIG FIVE MODEL”. Based on the genetic research on Big Five Theory, one of the major psychological frameworks on personality, you can find out what types of personality traits you have. Share your cute doppelgänger alien with your friends!

  • Not just ancestry

    Connect your genome data to our comprehensive global database

    and find out how it affects your traits and aptitudes, not just your ancestry.

    Body Traits

    Black Hair
    Red Hair
    Eye Color
    Morning Person
    Skin Pigmentation
    Male-Pattern Baldness (AGA)

    and more...

    Food & Nutrition

    Alcohol Drinking Behavior
    Caffeine Consumption
    Bitter Taste

    and more...


    Endurance Performance

    and more...


    Novelty Seeking

    and more...


    Information Processing
    Educational Attainment

    and more...

  • How much data is covered?

    Genome research is growing rapidly, and your genome data might not cover 100% of what you actually could learn from the latest global knowledge. Check the status of your data and order whole genome (100% of genome data) if you wish.




    Security is important, but for us, the ownership of your data is equally important. It's your data.

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    We will never use or sell your genome data, even anonymously, for secondary usage.

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    You can delete your data on our server whenever you want. We embrace your ownership.

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