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    Awakening Human Being with Technology and Science


    Unleash the Power of Owning DNA Data
    - Build an Infrastructure of Consumer Genomics for All
    - Catalyze a Movement with DNA-value Adding Creators and Companies



    - Solve Authentic Issues
    - Passion First
    - Beyond Expectation
    - Move Fast than Aim for Perfection
    - Take Ownership
    - Respect and Recognize Team

  • Team

    We are hiring. Contact us at info@awakens.co for more info.

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    Tomohiro Takano

    Chief Executive Officer

    Tomo started his career as a member of the founding team of Impact Hub Tokyo. Through his involvement in establishing this social enterprise community center and business incubator, he honed his start-up business acumen and connected with domestic and international entrepreneurs. In his next role as the business development manager of G-TAC, a genomic corporate venture of M3, Inc., he leads major operations in building a genomic healthcare platform within the primary online network of physicians in Japan. His belief in the potential of the genome in widespread applications led to the founding of AWAKENS, Inc. in 2017.

    Yuta Matsuda

    Chief Operating Officer

    After completing a master’s degree in genomics at the University of Tokyo, Yuta joined DeNA (a leading IT company providing mobile and online game and healthcare services). Serving as the head of the science team and partnering with the Institute of Medical Science of the University of Tokyo, he leads the development of the genetic testing service MYCODE. After its success, he continued to serve as the leader of healthcare ventures within the group. He co-founded AWAKENS, Inc. in 2017.

    Kensuke Numakura

    Chief Technology Officer

    Kensuke graduated in bioinformatics at Tohoku University, where he developed web-based applications and open-source code for the analysis of personal genomic information. He is also experienced in statistical genetics, genomic data analysis, and web development. Upon graduation, he joined P5 as head of the R&D division. He co-founded AWAKENS to accelerate the transition to a society where everyone owns and are empowered by their whole genome data.

    Takamasa Kudo

    Scientific Collaborator

    Takamasa is currently a Chemical and Systems Biology Ph.D. candidate in Stanford School of Medicine, where he uses machine learning to develop high-throughput DNA sequencing methods using microscopy analysis and sequencing techniques. Observing that insights from biological research are rarely applied in consumer-facing services compared to the speed with which academic insights accumulate, he decided to co-found AWAKENS.

    Kristina Chou

    Business Development /

    Community Manger

    Kristina recently graduated from the University of Tokyo with a degree in biology and environmental sciences. Her passion for the biotech industry and her interest in entrepreneurship drove her to Awakens. She believes in the power of genomics to transform how people perceive and interact with their genome data. In the future, she would like to make significant contributions to the biotech / digital healthcare space through introducing disruptive technologies. She plans to return to school to pursue a graduate degree in bioengineering.

  • Investors

    500 Startups Japan

    M3, Inc.

    Japanese Organization for Medical Device Development, Inc.

    Tomy Kamada

    TomyK Ltd.

    Hiroaki Kitano

    President and CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories

  • Supported by

    Illumina Accelerator

    Joined Illumina Accelerator office for Jul 2017 - Jan 2018

    Impact Hub Tokyo

    Joined Impact HUB Tokyo as a Startup in Residence member

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