• Digitalize a Life, and Connect to the Better Life

  • Vision / ビジョン

    Digitalize a Life, Connect to the Better Life


    Mission / ミッション

    Create a reliable genomic service ecosystem where;
    1. Users can access to reliable knowledge and genomic service
    2. Servicers can develop reliable genomic service only with coding
    1. 誰もがゲノムデータを持ち、信頼できる情報とサービスにアクセスできる
    2. 誰でもゲノムデータを活用した信頼できるサービス開発ができる


    Product & Service / 製品サービス

  • Team / チーム

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    Tomohiro Takano / 高野 誠大

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Tomo started his career as a member of the founding team of Impact Hub Tokyo. Through his involvement in establishing this social enterprise community center and business incubator, he honed his start-up business acumen and connected with domestic and international entrepreneurs. In his next role as the business development manager of G-TAC, a genomic corporate venture of M3, Inc., he leads major operations in building a genomic healthcare platform within the primary online network of physicians in Japan. His belief in the potential of the genome in widespread applications led to the founding of AWAKENS, Inc. in 2017.

    Explore Tomo's Whole Genome Data on GENOMIC EXPLORER™

    Yuta Matsuda / 松田 祐太

    Co-Founder & COO

    After completing a master’s degree in genomics at the University of Tokyo, Yuta joined DeNA (a leading IT company providing mobile and online game and healthcare services). Serving as the head of the science team and partnering with the Institute of Medical Science of the University of Tokyo, he ​leads the development of the genetic testing service MYCODE. After its success, he continued to serve as the leader of healthcare ventures within the group. He co-founded AWAKENS, Inc. in 2017.

    Explore Yuta's Whole Genome Data on GENOMIC EXPLORER™

    Kensuke Numakura / 沼倉 健介

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Kensuke graduated in bioinformatics at Tohoku University, where he developed web-based applications and open-source code for the analysis of personal genomic information. He is also experienced in statistical genetics, genomic data analysis, and web development. Upon graduation, he joined P5 as head of the R&D division. He co-founded AWAKENS to accelerate the transition to a society where everyone owns and are empowered by their whole genome data.

    Explore Ken's Whole Genome Data on GENOMIC EXPLORER™

    Kudo Takamasa / 工藤 隆将

    Founding member & Science advisor

    Takamasa is currently a Chemical and Systems Biology Ph.D. candidate in Stanford School of Medicine, where he uses machine learning to develop high-throughput DNA sequencing methods using microscopy analysis and sequencing techniques. Observing that insights from biological research are rarely applied in consumer-facing services compared to the speed with which academic insights accumulate, he decided to co-found AWAKENS.

    Explore Taka's Whole Genome Data on GENOMIC EXPLORER™

  • Career / 採用情報


    ブログ:AWAKENS, Inc. 創業のご報告

    Project Manager of GENOME LINK™ projects

    < Job Description >

    By working with the CEO and founding team, you are expected to lead the business development and manage the projects of creating genomic service application with our clients and partners. As AWAKENS is still in the early stage as a start-up, you need to be self-independent and have the ownership and professionality of your work.


    < Skill & Experience >

    - Professional experience of working as a project manager

    - Experiences of developing partnerships with stakeholders

    - Experiences of working as Service Designer, UI/UX designer, or Web Director are highly valued

    - Business level English communication skill sets


    < Compensation >

    Discuss with the founding team and decide based on your experience and expectation

  • Investors / 投資家

    We are trusted and supported by the global venture capital and the leading medical companies and investors in the bioinformatics field.


    500 Startups Japan

    M3, Inc.


    Japanese Organization for Medical Device Development, Inc.

    鎌田 富久 / Tomy Kamada

    TomyK Ltd.

    北野 宏明 / Hiroaki Kitano



    President and CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories

  • スペシャルサポーター:Impact HUB Tokyo

    AWAKENS, Inc. は、創業期の半年間サポートをもらいながらImpact HUB TokyoにStartup in Residenceとして在籍しました。

  • Blog / ブログ

  • Contact / コンタクト

    San Francisco Office: AWAKENS, Inc. c/o Illumina Accelerator, 499 Illinois St #210, San Francisco, CA 94158
    Tokyo Office: Impact HUB Tokyo, 2-11-3, Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 153-0063